Vending Machine Equipment

There are a multitude of choices of vending machines available for your location. We have featured some of these machines and in addition, we will meet with you and recommend the best machines for your facility.

vending machines

Vending machines, like the products that go into them, have made great strides and it is truly amazing what can fit into small spaces. The following is a sampling of different types of machines available. We always have a good variety of machines in our inventory so we can install on a moment’s notice. There is never a charge for a vending machine, including installation and removal. We recommend placing your machines in high traffic areas or high visibility areas.  If you have the luxury of a break room, this is ideal, but we will help you with suggestions for placement.

Décor work is available to encase your machines for a more upscale look, as well as fronts with your company name on them. 

custom fronts
Servicing the machines will be determined by usage.  Our drivers carefully inventory and check expiration dates with each service.  It is important to remember that our drivers work on commission so it is in their best interest to make sure requested products are always available, dates are current and machines are clean and working properly.

Machine features include Cashless Vending (debit and credit cards).
It is virtually impossible to lose your money whether it is a machine jam or an empty slot with the SureVend Technology.
The money will be returned automatically, with no inconvenience to the customer!

dual temperature machine


Our dual temperature machines allow snacks, refrigerated foods and drinks to be put in one machine. This is a great machine for tight areas or satellite areas. The Free Vend feature can be used for celebrations or employee rewards. 

We can implement the feature which allows for permanent or temporary subsidized pricing for employees.(Employees pay one price and the employer makes up the difference)





The cold food machine can be sectioned off so not all food slots are visible, which cuts down on waste, but provides a food machine where needed.

The safety feature provides an automatic shut down should the temperature fall below food safety regulations. USDA inspects our machines and facility to assure food safety
at all times



A frozen food machine dispenses ice cream, "TV" dinners and long life foods.

This machine also eliminates any potential waste with product expiration dates or
slow sales.




A glassfront beverage machine allows all size bottles and all size cans to be dispensed from the same machine. 

Visibility of products helps customers with selections and provides many more choices.

The Coffee Machine can dispense regular coffees and upscale coffees such as Starbucks and Seattles Best,
as well as specialty coffees such as flavored Cappuccino. Tea and soup are also available for the coffee machine.


Seattles Best coffee